The video story


It is a brief video-monologue ten minutes long, where the interviewee, according to an ideal draft, describes his Disciplina. The purpose is to realize a narration as fluid as possible, able to show their own point of view and experience about Discipline.


In each video the interviewee describes his/her Discipline following an ideal draft divided in four points.

  • The individual,
    It analyzes the motivations and ideals at the base of living with Discipline.
  • The others.
    It focuses on relationships among individuals belonging to the same Discipline. Furthermore, it analyzes the connections between people belonging to the same Discipline and those who are not part of it.
  • Crisis,
    It represents the moment in which the mind comes to a superior level of comprehension and knowledge, but it could be considered as doubts, questions or lack of certainties too.
  • The opposite.
    Is it possible to describe the opposite of Discipline? Is it possible to describe absence of Discipline?

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