Through the identification of individuals that, in the collective consciousness, embody and experience discipline in his various acceptations, we created a mono dialogic and personal intinerary for each of them.

The aim is to strip the selected personalities from their uniforms and social masks, in order to exhibit discipline in their everyday routine and to disclose his function as a guide that always intersect and leads their life path.

In a passage of his Somma Teologica, St. Tommaso D’Aquino affirms that there isn’t only the education from a superior to a subordinate, that normally consists of cutting a concept in a smaller pieces, so that the new notion can be more easily “digested” by the inexperienced mind. Otherwise, he asserts that the enhancing of intelligence also occurs through direct contact.

He uses an example to explain his thesis: approaching an hot stone to a cold one, the cold rock heats up, due to the motion of the red-hot on the other one. This contagion leads to gratitude.

This example is at the base of Disciplina project, conceived as an incentive to a formative dialogue, a propulsion for an educational value, a motivation to learn.

An exploration of the multiple ethical meaning of learning.

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