Tonino Zurlo – Consciousness

Discipline it depends on what it means… Discipline is a very ambiguous word, very ambiguous, really. But the real discipline is when a person have a sense of discipline with himself. The real discipline is with ourselves, it includes to be always conscious. I recently refer to the discourse of consciousness. Because when people become unconscious anything could happen. I made one of my songs on the mass deaths of Saturday Night.


[Dialect song about this topic]
So to speak, the massacre of the Saturday night I see as… these generations … there is an unconscious force that … is self-destruction, self-destruct. And that means … it is something that will destroy … and this is why they lost consciousness, consciousness. So to speak again, for me, the discipline, the true discipline, is if one becomes aware of himself and of his actions and be disciplined with yourself the first thing.


Tonino Zurlo is an extraordinary storyteller and popular poet from Ostuni, the city where he was born in January 1946. He has always worked for restoration and antiques. At age 25 he started to play the guitar, improvising songs according to his philosophy: “it isn’t important the beat of the metronome, but the one of your heart”.

In business for over thirty years, Tonino invents songs for “a different world”, in which the soul of mankind and his deep consciousness might return to lead his gestures. Praised by important artists (including Moni Ovadia and Giovanna Marini) in 2003 he published an album called the “Jata Viende” (Wind Blows) with the “Circolo Gianni Bosio” of Rome and the music publishing The Manifesto.

The ingredients of his work are the Apulian literary, dialect tradition, the oral folk music, his original insights about the essence of human nature and the absurdity of our present time. The compositions of Tonino Zurlo have a glimpse of humanity facing contemporary Man in search of his roots and the experience of a more authentic living.

• 26 January 2015

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